George Hamilton

George Hamilton 1787-1836

Born at Queenston, George Hamilton was the son of a prosperous merchant, the Hon. Robert Hamilton. He followed his father's career as a merchant in the Niagara District until the War of 1812, in which he served as a Captain of Light Dragoons. In 1815 Hamilton acquired land here at the Head of the Lake, laid out a village plot, and sold lots. When the settlement was chosen as the administrative centre of the Gore District in 1816, he gave land for a court-house square. A reformer in politics, George Hamilton was a member of the Assembly for this area from 1812 to 1830. The settlement which Hamilton laid out was named in his honour, and became a Police Village in 1833.

Erected by the Ontario Heritage Foundation,
Ministry of Culture and Recreation

If it wasn't for Sir John A. Macdonald, Confederation would not have happened for Canada.
If it wasn't for George Hamilton, the city of Hamilton would not have existed.

George Hamilton plaque location

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